2012-07-21 12:17:24 by polarhei

From a short moment, I used to use someone's picture cropped as an icon, It is in blue, if someone noticed.

In my place, my place is currently special, since it is another node of a species reproduction, it starts from C, Yellow-crested cockatoo.

The reason of the existence is still questionable, but it is likely to set free afterwards,adapted anyway. It is called as the biggest distribution point (approx 250 in a small place, an island) in the world.

In order to prove one thing true, I used to use a sample distribution to ensure it. Digital does not count, I still have the clip to make sure the post is genuine.

I also have understood the filter given, the filter is used for correcting color.

the filter Skylight ,labeled as 1B, used for indoor correction,outdoor makes worse. While the warm one is for outdoor use when the condition is worse.

P.S: The clip is not negatives, it is reversal. So I understood how I make wrong during the progress.

Go to Google+ To take a small look.


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