The Alchemy mobile

2012-09-30 10:03:30 by polarhei

a new comer of Techno beated music?

iPad has one thing good, big monitor so it is possible to do a lot of things.

From now, I can say what you should be able to do (for respect and turn your idea into gold independently)

1. light-box (the implementation should be very simple)
2. recorder (worse than I thought)
3. photo editing (Should be okay, useful as Ad-Hoc)
4. Electric music

the fourth option is found, starting from free,with old trick to do the desired.

How to?
Preparing a male-male 3.5mm jack line
iPad (Version 2 or 3) with Alchemy mobile
a recorder (a computer or your desired, I prefer Sony's DSP or Creative X-fi)
Audacity(For further tuning)

Paid Version does not require recorders and do mixing inside. However for first start, you shall use a recorder and audacity before more steps (we all know the reasons.).

Make sure you connect the jack cable tightly, otherwise you will receive some strange noise. Good connection shall receive nearly nothing when nothing played.

Why iPAd? Deducing(or eliminate ) everything else. iPad is your working mix from basic start.

I currently like to know how to access it with minimal requirement. iPad is the second option like what Steve says "What you can do with it?"'s concept to do great.

To do, there one thing to notice, If you are a new comer, use violin option to tune your melody first, set between C3 (middle-C) and C4 to work generally. This is the general area for violin when you have contact or read about it.

The first lesson,which should be a loop in single tone (can be more than one when you have paid),one beat (at all times) in here as the version I used, is a deduced version for try.

Currently, I can send the work when I like.


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2012-09-30 10:11:44

eww i hate techno

polarhei responds:

oh,Techno is just an example, I use this because it is simple as 2-4,easy to follow.

By the way, I have discovered the official kit, Which I shall write in another passage, thank you for replying and make better.