The Apple CAMERA Connection kit X Midi

2012-10-02 06:29:56 by polarhei

For new iPad comers. It is better to obtain the official camera kit to do better.

I do this, because it is better to deduce lots of factors to do in high quality. Just like What IKEA(R) has been saying.

When I have purchased the kit, the first question is, Is it only for photos and videos importing? The name,which deceives the true person like me, the name is in consumer term, not these music makers.

Today, I have tested it with a sunk-cost usb midi-keyboard (YAMAHA PSR-295) to take a deeper look. USB port is designed as general connection,which is able to do not just import photos and videos, then I should be able to transform the 600 dollar thing into a 3,000 dollar thing legally with the minimal add-ons.

Why? I don't have the files on hand,only using analogue out to test out, in free edition. It is able to treat as a backup, it is made by me, is it illegal in the first stage? Secondly, Have I crack it? The answer is no.

When you have the kit and a USB based midi keyboard, better take a try, which makes a little better when you use alchemy mobile free version in iPad.

Alchemy mobile is currently the only starter which supports midi-keyboard for free for the time being, It is better to test carefully, with this, I should be able to make more tunes in future.


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