Time for new tune

2013-02-21 04:54:09 by polarhei

Currently, I have the deadlist combination on hand. Ipad, the G band and Alchemy synth mobile pro for further development...

The combination, may be deadly. New loops may provide soon.


2012-12-28 09:40:03 by polarhei

At this moment, I am too busy so there are no new tunes at a moment. Perhaps I should consider again on 30 January,2013.

Once again. NO Techno tune can do something good, Why don't you use Anvil studio lite? I think, at the second stage, I shall use this one until something is done.

P.S The 12 day Pack from AAPL, Just in Time. Do you know Poster? Some successful poster made from just few clicks.
I think,i am ready, just need to test out in somewhere.

The soundPrism in Apple iOS

2012-10-02 06:45:56 by polarhei

soundPrism, is the second tool to design your desired, especially for new comers.

the function likes alchemy mobile free in Apple iOS., just controlling more directly. Alchemy mobile provides beat loop, but this one concentrate in melody.

Free version does not have midi-keyboard support. It still be worth to try, since some mixing is impressive from this tools, 8 tones given are still great, good starters.

I now have two tools to start my basic idea, which may be able to turn idea into dollars.

From this day on, Bring these clips on, I am looking for it.

For new iPad comers. It is better to obtain the official camera kit to do better.

I do this, because it is better to deduce lots of factors to do in high quality. Just like What IKEA(R) has been saying.

When I have purchased the kit, the first question is, Is it only for photos and videos importing? The name,which deceives the true person like me, the name is in consumer term, not these music makers.

Today, I have tested it with a sunk-cost usb midi-keyboard (YAMAHA PSR-295) to take a deeper look. USB port is designed as general connection,which is able to do not just import photos and videos, then I should be able to transform the 600 dollar thing into a 3,000 dollar thing legally with the minimal add-ons.

Why? I don't have the files on hand,only using analogue out to test out, in free edition. It is able to treat as a backup, it is made by me, is it illegal in the first stage? Secondly, Have I crack it? The answer is no.

When you have the kit and a USB based midi keyboard, better take a try, which makes a little better when you use alchemy mobile free version in iPad.

Alchemy mobile is currently the only starter which supports midi-keyboard for free for the time being, It is better to test carefully, with this, I should be able to make more tunes in future.

The Alchemy mobile

2012-09-30 10:03:30 by polarhei

a new comer of Techno beated music?

iPad has one thing good, big monitor so it is possible to do a lot of things.

From now, I can say what you should be able to do (for respect and turn your idea into gold independently)

1. light-box (the implementation should be very simple)
2. recorder (worse than I thought)
3. photo editing (Should be okay, useful as Ad-Hoc)
4. Electric music

the fourth option is found, starting from free,with old trick to do the desired.

How to?
Preparing a male-male 3.5mm jack line
iPad (Version 2 or 3) with Alchemy mobile
a recorder (a computer or your desired, I prefer Sony's DSP or Creative X-fi)
Audacity(For further tuning)

Paid Version does not require recorders and do mixing inside. However for first start, you shall use a recorder and audacity before more steps (we all know the reasons.).

Make sure you connect the jack cable tightly, otherwise you will receive some strange noise. Good connection shall receive nearly nothing when nothing played.

Why iPAd? Deducing(or eliminate ) everything else. iPad is your working mix from basic start.

I currently like to know how to access it with minimal requirement. iPad is the second option like what Steve says "What you can do with it?"'s concept to do great.

To do, there one thing to notice, If you are a new comer, use violin option to tune your melody first, set between C3 (middle-C) and C4 to work generally. This is the general area for violin when you have contact or read about it.

The first lesson,which should be a loop in single tone (can be more than one when you have paid),one beat (at all times) in here as the version I used, is a deduced version for try.

Currently, I can send the work when I like.

I have started to create a loop

2012-07-23 07:16:59 by polarhei

Creating a loop may be slightly easier than making a full song. I currently have anvil studio to do this. It may be tricky but it works.

The techno, well, I currently don't have the tools needed at a moment.

May I survive just 30 second loop, I will take a look to ensure.


2012-07-21 12:17:24 by polarhei

From a short moment, I used to use someone's picture cropped as an icon, It is in blue, if someone noticed.

In my place, my place is currently special, since it is another node of a species reproduction, it starts from C, Yellow-crested cockatoo.

The reason of the existence is still questionable, but it is likely to set free afterwards,adapted anyway. It is called as the biggest distribution point (approx 250 in a small place, an island) in the world.

In order to prove one thing true, I used to use a sample distribution to ensure it. Digital does not count, I still have the clip to make sure the post is genuine.

I also have understood the filter given, the filter is used for correcting color.

the filter Skylight ,labeled as 1B, used for indoor correction,outdoor makes worse. While the warm one is for outdoor use when the condition is worse.

P.S: The clip is not negatives, it is reversal. So I understood how I make wrong during the progress.

Go to Google+ To take a small look.

The Professional's Requiem

2010-10-20 07:55:59 by polarhei

In portable player land,
The Apple owned the market in the area,the Ibuka 'chef' sees this,he moved his powerful portable players away from the land.

Someone had noticed that IBUKA had hidden from his tent for a long time,he thinks something would be bad,and finally, he has found the the tools IBUKA made is more powerful than the Apple.

The apple got in the IBUKA's tents,The place was very big,also full of traps,the Apple successfully solved and passed them.

After the Apple had got in the room,a room with a big throne.

IBUKA said,"You are fool to get in,I have warned you!","Anything you like to state before you leave?"
"Your did is trash,Everyone likes handy ones.",The apple said.
"Handy ones? Mine is handier than yours,Mine is better than you."
"I think i have nothing to discuss because of this,Can I leave now?"
"You can.However,What you pay for me for entering the lair?"
"Large sum of money."(1,000,000,000 dollars)
"Large sum of money? YOUR SOUL!"

There was some combat,they tried to cast diferent kind of chaos and spells in order to calm the scene down.

Finally,THE APPLE was frozen by the IBUKA's spells.


At the last,IBUKA said, "Pathetic!" ,After that,the Apple died and his power finally released .

I only have a little idea about the thing

Someone said,you win the market,you lose greater than owning the market.

If you like to consider a new portable player,you better consider this,I think the Apple is shame for all.